Factors That Cause Website Cann’t be Accessed

Hostingflow.com – A site is required to always be online at any time so that it can be accessed at any time. However, for some parties this site is very important for some matters so it is always required to be online at any time.
Apart from server downtime, it turns out that it has several factors that cause this site to be inaccessible. The following is a full review:

Cause The Website Cannot Be Accessed


1. Computer Affected by Virus

There are several viruses that may prevent you from using an internet connection. Even though your internet connection is available, you still cannot access a site because the virus blocks it.

It’s easy, all you have to do is scan your computer using an updated antivirus.

2. Excess Traffic

The first reason the site cannot be accessed is due to excess traffic. This incident is very common, especially if your site server does have a small or limited bandwidth. This excess traffic is usually caused by the large number of visitors entering the site. It could be due to the condition of the post or site that was successfully viral, so the traffic was booming, but unfortunately the server could not accommodate the explosion of visitors. The phenomenon of excess traffic is common for small-scale sites. While the solution that you can do is to increase server performance to provide more bandwidth, of course you have to pay more for that.


3. IP Access Blocked

It turns out that there is a protection system on the server and site that works automatically. A kind of firewall, the system can block suspected IP addresses. Usually the cause of IP is blocked, namely incorrect login control panel many times, spamming, DDOS attack, and so on. To fix this, you can report to the contact person or support section of the site. Or access using another device.

4. Domain Name Expired or Expired

The next reason the site cannot be accessed is because the domain name has entered an expiration period, where the domain is locked and redirected to a page called domain parking. You can restore the site to its original state if you have extended the domain that has entered the expiration period.


5. Internet Connection Problems

Sites that cannot be accessed could be due to bad internet connection problems. If this happens, you will not only be unable to access one site, but all sites will certainly be inaccessible because of your bad internet connection. The only way you can do this is to check the internet connection by “pinging” any site or server. If there is no response or response from the ping results, then it is certain that the problem is with your internet connection. Operator disruption or running out of internet packages is the main cause.


6. Errors in the .htaccess file

The site cannot be accessed, and an error notification appears 500 Internet Server Error, one of which is caused by writing errors in the .htaccess file. It’s a little difficult to restore it to normal. Because, you must match the .htaccess configuration as before. But take it easy because there are lots of configurations that provide .htaccess file configurations that are presented on the internet.

7. Troubled DNS

A site generally has its own DNS which is usually installed on the server, the DNS can be customized to be anything. The problem is that when an error occurs when you set the DNS or nameserver, it can automatically cause your site to be inaccessible within a few hours or a few days after a DNS change.

Fixing DNS via the control panel is the most appropriate solution. You can change the nameservers in your site control panel.

8. Empty Index File

It turns out that index files such as index.html, index.htm, or index.php that are out of place or empty terms can cause the site to be inaccessible. There is an error notification in the form of an error if one of the index files does not exist, such as an error document, No Index File, and so on.

Recovering lost index files is difficult, as you have to build the site structure from scratch. But before doing that, it’s good to make sure your index file first – is there a public_html directory or not, then make sure the contents of the folder are not empty.

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