Niagahoster vs Hostinger


Niagahoster vs Hostinger The best web hosting service is very important. This is because web hosting determines the maximum performance of the website. For example, by choosing Hostinger which has been named the best Web Hosting. Become a satisfying hosting service provider because it guarantees the latest and cheapest hosting services.

Role Niagahoster and Hostinger I’ts Own

What determines a hosting service is the best or not depends on the user’s judgment. When the user is satisfied, the user will subscribe. Automatically will increase marketing. The increasing number of customers because of the superiority of the services of a product is getting famous. Starting from word of mouth, offline promotion, to online promotion, as well as proving itself into a series of meaningful promotional trips.

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Not only promotions that contain promises that users need, but real proof. Evidence of heralded promos. This is the real essence that the user wants. Good quality and comfortable so that it provides the best service.

Moreover, now the people’s need for maximum work in the online world makes many people need quality web hosting support. I don’t want to think long, because the web hosting needed is indeed an emergency.

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Based on the ranking of Web Hosting services, Hostinger is the most superior web hosting service. This is evidenced by the acquisition of a fairly high percentage of 9.7. With a maximum value of 10, this number that Hostinger has achieved is indeed very satisfying. Be proud of this web hosting service. Where since its appearance in 2004, starting in 2014, Hostinger has started to rise.

Resurrection balanced with burning passion. Even in 2018, Hostinger is still ahead of other web hosting services.

One of the web hosting services that Hostinger’s toughest rivals are Niagahoster. This Indonesian hosting service is no less capable than obtaining a rating just below Hostinger. Where the value is 9.6. Only 0.1 difference.

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Niagahoster vs Hostinger

We are faced with two well-known web hosting services that are equally qualified. Where Niagahoster is a new junior web hosting service that was founded in 2013. In contrast to the more senior Hostinger web hosting services, because it was founded in 2004.

Even though Niagahoster is a junior web hosting service, it still ranks less than IDHostinger. This proves that not only juniors with new looks are always at the forefront but must work hard to improve their quality to beat their seniors.

Difference in ranking scores

The difference in total value between Hostinger and Niagahoster is very small. Where the difference lies in the aspects being assessed, namely:

* In terms of reliability

Hostinger gets a perfect score of 10.0. Meanwhile, Niagahoster only received 9.9. The difference is 0.1. Niagahoster has a reliability aspect that is still inferior to Hostinger’s guaranteed top.

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This reliability is proven by providing the server speed in encrypting the required data. The uptime has also reached 100%, so there won’t be the slightest complaint to make us dissatisfied. In addition, the reliability of this network is also supported by the role of MySQL in increasing the speed of its database storage.

The advantages of the latest certified features make the performance of the system support components on the Hostinger web hosting product network increase from time to time.

* The price quality aspect of Niagahoster and Hostinger is the same, namely a score of 9.6.

This shows that they are both cheap. However, the details of the promotion are different and Hostinger is definitely more excited.

Relation to the various packages provided. Where in the IDHostinger package there are 3 main packages consisting of the Single package, the premium package and the business package. While the Niagahoster package consists of 4 choices, namely the Baby Package, Student Package, Personal Package, and Business Package.


The amount of discount given by Niagahoster is only stuck at an average of 40%, but for Hostinger it is almost 75%. You can imagine the benefits of using a web hosting service package from Hostinger.

Save on operational costs to make it easier and feel the benefits directly. Each package consists of several advanced features. More features we can get on Hostinger than at Commerce Hoster.

* Ease of use aspects

Hostinger guarantees ease of use with a score of 9.7. 0.3 superior to Niagahoster. This convenience is obtained by users from how to get a domain. Get a quality free domain name for Hostinger customers.

* The comprehensive aspects provided by Hostinger are much higher. Where the difference with Niagahoster is 0.4 higher.


Hostinger’s full range of features makes it easy to use. It features lots of SSD storage, Auto Installer that makes downloading applications easy, and a standard SSL security system. It is safe if we want to change hosting from Niaga Hoster to Hostinger.

Both are the best web hosting services according to their versions. Providing the best service is carried out and becomes a comparison. Both Niagahoster and Hostinger have the capability to upgrade the best web hosting services. But Hostinger still outperformed Niagahoster.


Competition is intense for the highest ranking positions. It also confuses consumers. However, if we are able to select and sort, then we will be able to get the best and quality web hosting services.

In terms of the cheapness of the package. Both are cheap, but the amount of discount and quantity of the promotion is very different. For other information visit

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