How to Overcome Full Hosting Capacity


Have you ever failed to open your webmail full hosting capacity ? So you can’t send or receive emails. Or has your website got an error and cannot be accessed? Chances are your hosting capacity is full.

How to Check Hosting Capacity

To see hosting capacity, you must first login to cPanel Hosting. On the right, there is Disk Usage, which is the hosting capacity you have. There are 3 color identities:

Green: there is still a lot of hosting capacity. You are safe if you want to upload website files
Yellow: hosting capacity is nearing full. Be careful.
Red: the hosting capacity is full. Delete unnecessary files or immediately upgrade your hosting to a larger package.
For example, the Disk Usage section reads:

3.02 GB / 5 GB (60.45%)

This means that your hosting capacity is 3.02 GB from 5 GB. About 60.45% of the hosting is used. To check hosting capacity, you can follow How to See Hosting Capacity. You can also find out what files or folders cause hosting capacity to increase.

How to Overcome Full Hosting Capacity

The most effective way to deal with hosting capacity is to delete some files that are less important. How do you find out what files make your hosting full? In cPanel Hosting, there is a CpCleaner Menu that you can use. This menu is used to perform scanning of some that are considered “less important” by the system. Usually these files are in the form of error_log, .trash files or some zip files. Well, here’s how to deal with hosting capacity that you can do:

  • Login cPanel Hosting

The first step you have to do is login to hosting cpanel. CPanel login can be via https: // domainname / cpanel, according to the email sent from hosting regarding Hosting Account Information.


  • Selecting the CpCleaner Menu

After successfully logging in to cPanel, you will be directed to the cPanel Hosting dashboard. There are several menus that you can choose from. In the search form, please write “cpcleaner”. Then click the CpCleaner Menu.


  • Scanning Files

After selecting the CpCleaner Menu, the system will scan the error_log, * .zip, * .tar, * .tar.gz files as well as the / tmp, /.trash files. Please click Start New Scan

  •  Deleting Files on Hosting

Now you can delete some of the files that cause hosting capacity to run out. We recommend checking and deleting the error_log file and /.trash folder.

If so, please click Clean Files

Make sure you check the files first. Wait until the words “After cleaning the files you will not have the possibility to recover! Are you sure you want to continue? ” If you are sure please click OK.

how to deal with full hosting capacity

Wait a moment until the file cleaning process is complete. If it appears as shown below, the file cleaning process is successful. Now try to check your hosting capacity. Are you relieved?


There are various ways to deal with full hosting capacity, namely by deleting some “less important” files such as error_log, zipped folders or folders in /.trash.

However, don’t force it. Anything that is forced will be no good. As business processes develop, website needs and resources will increase. If indeed your hosting needs more capacity, then immediately upgrade to a higher package.

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