Get to Know The cURL Command and How To Use It


cURL Command – Client URL (cURL) is a command that is commonly used to send and retrieve data via URL. cURL Command can be run on the Linux command line. Apart from HTTP, cURL Linux can be used in other protocols such as:

  • FTP
  • IMAP
  • Telnet
  • SMTP

cURL Command Linux has libcurl, a collection of cURL functions that can be used in various programming languages.

cURL Command

In order to use or use cURL Online, make sure you already have hosting or VPS first.

Syntax Command

#  curl [Options] [URL]
The basis of this command is to display website content, the default cURL protocol is HTTP, if you want other cURL protocols then you have to be more specific.

Check Version

#  curl –version
This command is used to check which version of cURL Online is used.

Displaying Content

#  curl
This command will take the script on the website to be displayed in the command line.

Download File

There are 2 types of syntax for downloading files:

Curl -O: downloads without having to name the file.
Curl -o: can download files and give their own name.

#  curl -O
This is to download files without having to give a name so that when downloaded, the file remains “”.

#  curl -o
This is to download files by changing the file name, from “” to “”.

Resume Download File

#  curl -C – -O
This option continues the download process that was previously stopped for various reasons, this command is very functional when downloading a large file size is interrupted.

Limit Rate

#  curl –limit-rate 50K -O
This option limits the upper bound value of the transfer rate and is limited to 50K bytes.

Download the FTP Users File

#  curl -u {username}: {: password} -O
This option provides a way to download files via a user who has access to the FTP Servers.

Upload File to FTP Server

#  curl -u {username}: {password} -T {filename} {FTP_Location}
Download files to the FTP Server via a registered user on your FTP Server.

Request HTTP Header

#  curl -I

HTTP / 1.1 301 Moved Permanently

Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2020 18:41:17 GMT

Connection: keep-alive

Cache-Control: max-age = 3600

Expires: Tue, 22 10 Dec 2020 19:41:17 GMT


Server: cloudflare


Above is an example of making an HTTP Header Request, information about the header will be given.

Request POST

#  curl -data “text = testing”
This option is to make a post request, text = testing is the parameter of the POST request.

Different Agent HTTP Header Request

#  curl -I –user-agent “New Agent”
Every HTTP request has its own user-agent to show its header information, to change the user-agent.


cURL Command is very widely used, there is cURL for the protocol, there is also cURL Example for retrieving data or content on websites. You can check complete information about the cURL using the command:

#  man curl
There is a lot of information about options, protocols and their descriptions that you can learn.

Remember, when you choose hosting or VPS to implement cURL, make sure you use a service that is fast, secure, and reliable. In addition, at least you can get a quick response from the customer support so that your project is not interrupted.

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