Single clients can benefit from dedicated hosting. It meets a single client’s needs only. The client has complete control and authority over the operating system and multiple applications. However, it can be a bit on the expensive side and all resources the system provides might or might not be required by the client. Another alternative is the Virtual Private server or VPS.

The VPS is a shared hosting solution where the server is managed by a web-hosting provider and a multitude of clients can share the server’s resources. By allowing clients to share resources off of one server, it is convenient, affordable and productive. However, there are a few limitations that come with the shared server hosting and knowing what these limitations are can prove to be very helpful.

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When thinking of a shared hosting server, you can think of a hard disk drive partition. Different operating systems on one drive and all partitions is possible. This enables the partition to operate as a single server. Because of this, the provider is able to share this hard disk with multiple clients.

Every hard disk partition in the server is separate with the use of hypervisor software even though they all reside on one server. Also, spikes in traffic, security loopholes or mistakes in a webpage script will not affect any of the websites for a person utilizing VPS. This is due to all the websites being located in one shared hosting partition and not affecting other sites or the server altogether.

The VPS or Virtual Private Server does come with a limitation, however. You are not able to customize the server. But, this just means that people will not have to have as much technical knowledge to operate it versus when using a dedicated hosting server.

A big advantage of the VPS it is reliable, high performing, simple to run and comes at an affordable price. This really benefits small businesses. Since the applications and operating system located inside the partition is configured based on the businesses’ needs, it offers better control in any operation versus the dedicated hosting.

Smaller to medium sized businesses are able to use the shared server to promote their products. The Virtual Private Server offers the flexibility for businesses to explore the world with reliable activities and higher performance. Bringing a business to the next level is very possible with this type of power at hand.

Required applications are easily accessed in an environment that is cost effective which really is the best part. Pages, files and applications are easier accessed and more control is given over the system with shared server hosting. This is truly why so many businesses are taking advantage of the VPS over the Dedicated Hosting Server.