VPS hosting, also known as a virtual private server, provides a hosting environment that is similar to the dedicated server but inside a shared hosting environment. It is basically both dedicated and shared hosting. Hostgator is the best VPS service provider.

Who Uses VPS Hosting

Many customers prefer this type of hosting since it allows them to control more of their environment than with shared hosting. Even if they don’t utilize all resources provided to them in the VPS, the control they have is worth the expense.

For the people who desire dedicated hosting but are not too savvy with the technological aspect of it, VPS hosting is a good solution for them. It will help them to get their feet wet and increase their skill level before making a money commitment.

VPS Hosting Benefits

Just like any other type of web hosting, you will find pros and cons of each and each has its own features that can meet specific needs. There are a handful of benefits to using a VPS to host your site. These include:

  • VPS hosting is much cheaper than going with a full dedicated hosting package which utilizes a physical server
  • You can customize your needs with most VPS hosting plans so you pay for exactly what you need and want without spending money on features you have no desire for
  • A lot of VPS hosting plans are scalable. You can use the bare minimum of resources in your virtual environment and increase your hosting plan to accommodate your gradual growth. There is no need to pay for any feature or resource you have not grown into yet
  • There is much more control over your virtual server as opposed to shared hosting. You will most likely have the ability to use scripts and have root access which is sometimes not allowed in a shared hosting environment
  • You are provided with top notch technical support like shared hosting
  • You are able to select from semi-managed hosting where some maintenance is handled by the web host or full managed services

When to move to VPS

Knowing when to move to VPS is a personal decision that usually is based off a few things like:

  • Need for more speed due to high website traffic
  • Business branding needs
  • Advanced and improved security
  • Support – semi or full managed hosting needs
  • Needing to create individual accounts in your VPS to accommodate your client’s hosting
  • More options for advanced performance
  • Your SEO needs like private name servers, dedicated IPs or loading pages

There are other features included with VPS such as better space efficiency than dedicated servers. Changes being carried out other places in the server are not felt by the owner of a partition in VPS unlike with shared hosting. Last, the cost factor is essential. VPS plans are much more affordable than dedicated server plans. By going over the different features, you can really get an idea of what you would be getting with VPS hosting and make an educated decision if it is right for you.