MySQL 1064 error refers to an error in the syntax of your the SQL database. The first step in solving this is to determine how the command has violated the grammar in the MySQL. When you encounter the MySQL 1064 error, you must take time to read the error message as it will state the root cause and suggest solutions to fix it. If the message states the word “near” or “at line”, it means that there are some problems in the lines of the codes before it ends.

Misspelled Command in the MySQL Database

The 1064 error could occur due to a mistyped command. Prior to running the command, you should review it to make sure every command is spelled correctly. If you don’t know the proper syntax to use, you can refer to the manual at MySQL.com. You are to go to the version of the database you are using and search for the specific command that you are having problem.

Error Caused by Commands that are Already Outdated

The MySQL 1064 error may also occur due to the use of outdated commands. There are a number of commands that have been deprecated and are due for removal before they become completely outdated. For example, the TYPE command started became deprecated when MySQL 4.1 debut.

It was completely removed in the MySQL 5.1. The new substitute for the TYPE command is the ENGINE command.

Reserved Words

You could also be seeing the 1064 error because you are using reserved words. Reserved words refer to words used for specific functions in the MySQL engine. Every version of MySQL database uses different reserved words. You can find the full list of the reserved words for the most recent versions of the MySQL database at the MySQL.com website.

Transferring a WordPress MySQL Database to Another Server

The 1064 error message can occur when you are exporting a WordPress database to another server. The best way to solve this is to choose the compatibility mode and change the database version to the current version you are using. When you are performing a backup, make sure you select compatibility mode under the advanced tab. When restoring the MySQL database, you must remember to click the auto-detect file character set.

There are some rules you must follow if you want to use the reserved words. The requirement is to encapsulate the word with backticks ` so that the server knows that you don’t want the word to be used for calling the functionality of the specific command. Another way to solve this is to select NONE for the compression mode and ANSI for the SQL compatibility mode.

Missing Data

The 1064 error will appear if some required data are missing in the code of the MySQL database. Without the data, the server won’t be able to perform the query. For example, if the function of the database is to pull up the student information based on its ID and the database is missing the ID information of the particular student, the error message will display.

This can be easily fixed by entering the missing data through the dashboard interface of your application. Alternatively, you can open the MySQL database code and search for the correct table row and type in the data directly.


In conclusion, above are a few solutions on how to fix the MySQL 1064 error. If the above solution didn’t help you to solve your problem, you can uninstall your current version of MySQL and install the latest version. If you are not familiar with operating a MySQL database, it is advised that you don’t make changes to the MySQL code yourself.

Instead, you should submit a ticket to your web hosting company concerning the MySQL 1064 error message that you keep on receiving. They have professionals that will look into the problem and get it fixed for you.