Difference Sub-Domain, Parked Domain, Add-on Domain and Redirect?

Those of you who are familiar with the digital world and websites will often hear about domains. However, do you know about Sub-Domains, Parked Domains and Add-on Domains? Here’s the explanation.

Here’s an explanation of the differences between Sub-Domains, Parked Domains, Add-on Domain and Redirect?



For example, the name of your website is hostingflow.com. Then you install a forum script and put it in a directory called “/ home / hostingflow / public_html / forum /” and accessed through the address “https://hostingflow.com/forum/”.

You can change the address “https://hostingflow.com/forum/” to a sub-domain “http://forum.hostingflow.com” with the Sub-Domain feature of hostingflow.

Please enter cPanel at hostingflow.com/cpanel – click the “Sub-domain” menu and add the sub-domain “forum.hostingflow.com” and set the directory path to “/ public_html / forum”. Hostingflow always provides updated information about hosting

Parked Domain

Suppose you have several domains: hostingflow.com, hostingflow.net, and hostingflow.biz. hostingflow.com is the main domain of your website and you want to add hostingflow.net and hostingflow.biz so that when someone types in either hostingflow.com, hostingflow.net or hostingflow.biz they will go to the same page on your website. You can do this with Hosting’s Parked Domains feature.

You can go to cPanel at hostingflow.com/cpanel – click on the “Parked Domain” menu and add the hostingflow.net and hostingflow.biz domains there.


Add-On Domains

Suppose you have two different selling websites, for example: hostingflow.com and hostingflow.com

In order to save on hosting costs, you can put the two websites on the same hosting account. You can do this with the Add-On Domains feature on hostingflow.

You can go to cPanel at hostingflow.com/cpanel – click on the “Add-on Domain” menu and add the hosting.com domain as a sub-directory of the hostingflow.com domain, for example “hostingflow.com/hosting”. Upload the files for the hostingflow.com website in the “/ hosting” sub-directory.

A website that is hosted as an addon domain will share storage resources with the main website that is hosted on the same account.

That is a brief explanation of the difference between Sub-Domain, Parked Domain and Add-on Domain. One thing that is no less important, don’t forget to buy a trusted domain for the smooth running of your site.

Domain Redirect?

Domain Redirect – also known as URL Redirect, forwards from one domain address to another. Example: open at http://www.hostingflow.info & will be redirected to https://hostingflow.com.

Redirect is a redirect URL to the entry point on the website. Think about how hosting works for hostingflow – after logging in to hosting you will enter the hostingflow redirect URL. The URL redirect is also different from the initial entry point of the website.

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