sPanel vs cPanel

sPanel vs cPanel is one of the facilities to facilitate the hostinger process on a web. Actually, the functions given between sPanel and cPanel are no different. Maybe in general, of course the maker is different.

Here are some explanations between sPanel vs cPanel :


spanelUnix / Linux based hosting control panel (currently, Debian based) self-developed by PT Master Web Network (MWN) whm cpanel. Spanel has a fairly simple web interface, including a bandwidth-light text version, as well as some unique features such as 3 months browsable / restoreable backup history per file, CGI script security mechanisms, etc.

A good and perfect sPanel is one that has the following useful features:

Security Features

The sPanel Control Panel has developed a number of security features, namely protected execution using CGI-User, tighter send mail wrapper, RBL which is used for CGI scripts, SMTPD which has more blacklisting or filtering features, and others.

PHP features

A number of PHP features in the sPanel Control Panel include the options used to select PHP5 and PHP4. PHP here is per site or per subdomain, the option is to choose CGI mode or Apache module.


The simple web-based sPanel Control Panel and text-based so it will be easier to access and lighter when you want to control a site. sPanel has unique features such as a backup history feature, AutoBBC, a restore profile, and a security “CGI script”.


Within the sPanel Control Panel, there are Squirrel mail and RoundCube webmail options. In addition, pop email can also be forwarded.


By using sPanel, CMS WordPress, PhpBB, Joomla, Prestashop, OpenCart, MyBB, Drupall, and Modle can be installed automatically.


Apart from the features previously mentioned, the sPanel Control Panel also provides database features such as MySQL and InnoDB features.


You can choose the backup feature for the period of three months, 4 weeks, and seven days. In addition, the sPanel Control Panel provides a web-based interface. This interface is certainly useful so that ordinary hosting users or users are able to restore those from backups or those from backup history.



A web hosting control panel on Linux that provides a graphical display and automation tools made to facilitate the cpanel commerce process on a website. cpanel free uses 3 levels of structure to provide administrator, agent, and website owner functions to manage various aspects of website and server administration through a standard web browser.

Both are the same in function. Namely to control the web hosting that we have. But not all types of cms-based websites are compatible with spanel. For joomla, wordpress, phpbb can be installed in spanel. In terms of its implementation, it is certainly different. Finally, the interface between the two control panels is certainly different.

What are the main benefits of cPanel?

cPanel allows users to organize files easily. Uses a simple GUI (graphic user interface) which acts as an enabler to manage the admin system when you don’t want to use a website builder. This makes cPanel user-friendly compared to others. The following are the advantages of cPanel:

  • Allows you to add domains and manage email according to hostinger plans
  • Provides control over an FTP account to upload, delete or move files on the server
  • Provides web related statistics such as number of visitors per month via AWS statistics
  • Many add-ons and APIs are integrated with Softaculous which allows users to download WordPress, Joomla or Drupal updates
  • Ensure that your data is safe with multiple backup and restore options
  • Much more economical than Windows

Difference between sPanel vs cPanel  that you should know

Besides sPanel, there is also cPanel which often makes people feel confused about the difference. Not a few also ask whether Spanel and Cpanel are the same? Because the names are almost the same, many people feel confused when they hear both of them.

sPanel and cPanel certainly have differences. Indeed, both are facilities obtained from web hosting providers to webmasters or customers who are able to control a number of website functions on the server. The naming is the name you get from each hosting panel application that develops it. Let’s know the difference between the advantages of sPanel and cPanel in the explanation below:

Spanel masterweb

sPanel is a hosting Control Panel that has the function of being able to control the LINUX debian based server that originates from masterweb. To control the site, the sPanel Control Panel allows users or users to control their own websites quickly and easily. In addition, the features in the sPanel Control Panel are also very unique and not available in Cpanel. These features include security for CGI scripts, restore files, AutoBBC, and backup history.

cPanel Hosting

Unlike sPanel, cPanel is a web Control Panel provided by webhosting and has a graphical interface which makes it heavier. The features in cPanel are the auto installer feature and are able to support a large number of CMS websites. However, cPanel also does not have the same features as those in sPanel, but this cPanel allows users to be able to choose the Control Panel that suits their needs.

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