5 Most Popular Hosting Control Panels

Are you confused about choosing the best Hosting Control Panels for your website? if you are looking for a Control Panel Hostingflow.com recommendation, maybe you can use these five popular hosting control panels as a reference


1. cPanel Hosting Control Panels

This hosting control panel is only available on the Linux operating system. Almost all web observers include cpanel hostinger in the list of popular hosting control panels. This hosing control panel is suitable for both beginners and developers who prefer console functionality over an impressive looking design. There are various features that you can easily access on one page.

Some of the main features of cPanel are domain name management, registration and transfer, email and spam management, security features ranging from IP blocking to leech protection, server performance monitoring, file manager and FTP users creation, and backups. Operation of cPanel is not difficult. You only need a few clicks for the operation to be performed. There is a brief description explaining each option.


2. Direct Admin Hosting Control Panels

One of the easiest and fastest hosting panels. In addition, this hosting panel is also quite stable. Available on Linux. Direct Admin supports multi-level access, from Administrators, Users, to Resellers. This panel is suitable for beginners or those of you who don’t need complex advanced settings.

You don’t need to have special skills in the IT field to be able to operate this one hosting panel. Some of the features and settings options available in Direct Admin are DNS management, database creation, management creation, backup creation, reseller account, and file management. Direct Admin also provides user statistics and has an anti-spam tool.


3. Plesk Hosting Control Panel

Plesk is a popular hosting control panel, especially among European hosting providers. Panel can be used on Linux or Windows. The fitur plesk interface is simple and intuitive enough that you won’t have to look for what tools to use. Plesk is equipped with a variety of automatons.

These automatons will save you time and resources. As a result, you will focus directly on website building. it looks like you don’t need to think anymore about maintaining your server. Plesk has unique features in the form of login levels. There are 4 levels in this feature where each level has a different content. The 4 levels are Mail User, Domain Owner, Client / Reseller, and Administrator.


4. ISPmanager Hosting Control Panel

ISPmanager is a hosting panel that has a simple appearance and design. At first glance, this hosting panel does look very standard when compared to other hosting panels. ISPmanager is available for Linux users. There are 2 versions of this hosting panel. The first version is the Lite version with the basic features that you can find on most hosting panels.

The second version is the Business version which is good for multiple shared hosting resellers. For business features, ISPmanager features a common hosting panel. The Lite version can be used for web server management, creating users with different access levels, importing data, etc. ISPmanager is very popular and widely used by hosting companies in Eastern Europe.

This hosting control panel is usually available for Linux. For Windows users, it seems that you have to settle for a limited selection. Each hosting panel has its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s hard to determine which is the best. In the end, you will decide which one is best for you. What is certain is that the hosting panel will simplify and speed up your work.


5. Webmin Hosting Control Panel

Webmin is not for those of you who prioritize simplicity and convenience. For beginners, you won’t immediately master this hosting panel. Webmin is perfect for those of you who like to tweak the right configuration to operate the features and options available. In operation, Webmin provides a panel according to the function and type of hosting.

This hosting panel consists of Usermin, Cloudmin, and Virtualmin. Usermin is used for email management, passwords, etc. Cloudmin is used for virtual server management. Webmin is free and available for Linux, Solaris, and BSD system users. Webmin can be used on Windows with limited options and functions.

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