Forgot Your WordPress Password ? This is How to Reset It


Forget WordPress Password – In this time we will provide tips for those of you who may be having problems logging in to a website. You can see the details in the following article. The WordPress content management system (CMS) is quite popular for website owners.

In fact, according to W3Techs, the WordPress CMS is used by more than 35% of websites worldwide. In addition to the good interface and easy use, the plugins and themes are quite a lot. But, what if you forget your WordPress password?

Forget WordPress Password Just Do That

Cases like this are common to every user, there are some people who can solve it easily, but there are also new users who don’t know how to solve it. In this article, you will find out how to handle forgotten WordPress password cases and how to reset or update it. There are two ways that will be discussed one by one in the following discussion.

Reset Password via Login Page

Access your then click (Lost password) then an email address request form will appear, please fill in the email of the registered user for the website.

After that, click Get New Password, then you will receive an email regarding Reset Password.

Reset Password via PHPMyAdmin

If you only remember the password for cPanel then you can change it from cPanel. To do this, login to cPanel, then go to File Manager -> Public_html, look for the wp-config.php file and view or edit.

Look at DB_Name, then at PHPMyAdmin to see the database table.

Click the _users table to see a list of existing users.

A list of registered users will be displayed, check the user whose password you want to reset, then click Edit.

Enter the latest password in the Value column at user_pass, the function will be changed to MD5.

If so, click Go.

Please log back in to your by using the new username and password.


Why use MD5 Hash? Because for MySQL versions above 5.x or MariaDB the default uses MD5 Hash.

In addition, MD5 is used by default as it supports all platforms.

After the password uses MD5 Hash, the password string will be encrypted so that it becomes: 5fd32fda018148daa13f7deb6d116f8d.

However, the password will still appear changed if checked from PHPMyAdmin, because WordPress uses Salt for security. So, WordPress combines Salt passwords with regular passwords.

What is Salt?

Salt is random data that is used for an additional input that functions for one direction that can characterize a passphrase or password, data.

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